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Watermelon Radish, Tofu & Peppers Couscous Salad



25 min

Verified 🚨SUMMER SALAD ALERT Be sure to add couscous & watermelon radishes to your grocery list this week because you’re making THIS 👆🏼 Perfect for summer this bright and delish Couscous Salad w/ White peach vinegar from Durant, cilantro and lime is gonna be your new fav.

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6 servings




Picture for Watermelon Radish, Tofu & Peppers Couscous Salad

6 servings





1 pkg couscous cooked according to the package instructions the larger balls vs the tiny more traditional versions you’re used to seeing

¼ cup White peach vinegar Durant Oregon makes the most gorgeous one

Splash of Red wine vinegar

¼ cup Olive oil

1 tsp Crushed garlic

1 tsp Crushed ginger

1 tsp Salt

1 lb cubed Tofu, drained on paper towels and cut into bite sized cubes

2 Watermelon radishes

½ cup Fresh Cilantro

5 - 6 Sprigs of Fresh Basil

4 oz Crumbed feta

8 Sweet mini peppers, sliced


Ginormous white bowl or platter


Step 1

Chop the veggies and marinate the watermelon radish. For the watermelon radish - slice it super thin on a mandolin and toss with olive oil, white peach vinegar and salt and let marinate while you prepare the couscous.

Step 2

Prepare the couscous by cooking to al dente. Drain and toss with a drizzle of olive oil and set aside.

Step 3

Prepare the tofu - I cubed and seasoned mine with @laselvabeachspice chili lime seasoning and sautéed with a little butter

Step 4

Prepare the salad dressing (White peach vinegar, Red wine vinegar Olive oil Crushed garlic Crushed ginger Salt)

Step 5

Toss all together and enjoy your lifeeeeeee!

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