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Football Party Artichoke Bread Bowl Grazing Board

40 min

Charcuterie Butterfly

25 min

Oktoberfest Grazing Table for 30+

2 hr

Fig Jam

1 hr

Creepy Cheese Prosciutto Hand

20 min

Guacamole Witch Board

30 min

Roasted Cauliflower Taco Salad

30 min

Cheesy Beef Slider Sandwiches

20 min

Fall Charcuterie Wreath

30 min

Fall Grazing Board

1 hr

Creamy Mushroom Soup

30 min

Butter Pumpkin

5 min

Hey! I'm Lea. So glad you are here, friend.

About Me. Hey there, I'm Lea (Lee-uh), a photographer, recipe developer, charcuterie influencer, soon-to-be published author, former Amazonian, and mama to three silly gooses. Oh and did I mention grazing helped me lose over 100 lbs? Platter Girl is where you will find the best party food ideas on the web! From simple appetizers to grazing tables to stunning salads and healthy, mostly plant-based options for charcuterie boards, there is something delicious for everyone here at Platter Girl!

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