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Pumpkin Spice Honey Butter Board



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You knew my fat butt was 💯 gonna be ALL about the BUTTER BOARD TREND right?!?!? 🧈🧈🧈 Yeppp so I have absolutely no issues with those luscious piles of butter on a board (inspired by @justine_snacks & @jj__mc ) and definitely feeling these boards for grazing tables! As long as no one double dips, ok?? I went with a delicious Pumpkin Spice Honey Butter version that I just know you are going to love! It has an unexpected little pop from the espresso sea salt and this warm amazing pumpkin spice honey from @naturacentric is gonna take you right on into fall like nobody’s business - TIP: Try using a cake board underneath the butter so you don’t ruin your wood boards with all the grease 😅

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12 servings




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12 servings





4 sticks of butter (2 salted & 2 unsalted)

in @naturacentric Pumpkin Spice honey warmed the oven

Couple squeezes of fresh orange juice + grated peel

Espresso infused sea salt

“Toast sugar” cinnamon sugar sea salt

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin seeds

Fresh thyme


Step 1

Combine the softened butter, honey and a squeeze of orange juice with a bit of grated peel in the food processor

Step 2

Spread onto your cake board or platter (lined with parchment or wax paper) using the back of a spoon

Step 3

Top with pumpkin spice honey, a bit of espresso sea salt, orange juice and some fresh thyme

Step 4

Serve with warm yummy pumpkin bread or muffins like this boxed version I got from TJs for a fun twist!

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