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Grilled Peach Cheese & Fruit Basket



45 min

Summer Charcuterie is seriously the best👌🏼Cheese & Fruit Basket w/ grilled & fresh peaches 🍑Manchego & two kinds of goat cheese balls -> Mango-Habanero Peach and a delicious Cranberry-Cinnamon-Walnut that you are going to love

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12 servings




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12 servings





8 oz cream cheese

6 oz Laura Chenel Mango Habanero Goat Cheese

5 oz Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese

1 peach, chopped into small pieces

2 in peaches sliced half or quarters for grilling with butter

in Strawberries, cut half

Grilled Peaches w/ butter

3 - 4 Clementine oranges

5 - 6 Sprigs of Fresh basil

¼ cup Dried cranberries

Manchego Cheese, sliced into triangles

My favorite black fig and poppyseed crackers from @thecrispbakery


Round, oval, or rectangular charcuterie board

Parchment or freezer paper (optional)

balls Disco (optional)


Step 1

Combine 4 oz softened cream cheese w/ 5-6 oz softened @laurachenel Mango-Habanero goat cheese, 1 peach chopped up, dash of honey and sea salt.

Step 2

Put it in the fridge for 10-20 mins then roll into bite-sized balls.

Step 3

Combine 4 oz cream cheese with 5-6 oz your favorite cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese. Add a drizzle of honey, chopped walnuts, more cinnamon and sea salt.

Step 4

Refrigerate for 10-20 minutes, then roll into bite-sized balls.

Step 5

Keep refrigerated until you are ready to add them to your board.

Step 6

Arrange your board by placing the goat cheese balls down first, the manchego and then any dishes you might have.

Step 7

Fill in with the fruits and nuts and dried cranberries.

Step 8

Add the crackers to the top of your board to look like a basket handle and tuck any pretty herbs or flowers in to garnish

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