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Cowgirl Up Charcuterie Cones



45 min

A single-serving of fun charcuterie for the girls!

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12 servings




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12 servings





8 oz dill havarti

8 oz white cheddar

8 oz 6 month Spanish manchego

4 oz blueberries

Lindt Red lady bug chocolate candies

16 oz Italian dry salami or combo of Calabrese or Genoa slices

8 oz pepperoni slices


in Pistachios shell

White yogurt pretzels

Rosemary La Panzanella crackers


12 Red, white, and blue scrapbook paper x 12")

Cute stickers

Bamboo inserts or parchment paper to make the cones food safe

Double sided tape

wooden skewers

wooden toothpicks

Small star cookie cutter


Step 1

Make your charcuterie cones. You can wrap the bamboo cones you can find on Amazon with the 12" scrapbook paper by following my method below:

Step 2

Cut the scrapbook paper in half. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure it with the double-sided tape and a cute sticker. Line the inside with the bamboo insert or a piece of parchment paper cut to fit. Now you can fill the cones.

Step 3

Add the cashews and pistachios to the bottom of the cone.

Step 4

Fold your salami and slice your cheese. The cheddar and havarti can be cubed and the manchego can be cut into triangles.

Step 5

Skewer the salami onto the sticks and place one filled with salami slices (about 6-8) in each cone.

Step 6

Add the cheeses to the cones minus the stars.

Step 7

Add the blueberries to the toothpicks and place in the cones

Step 8

Add the yogurt pretzels and the chocolates and the cheese stars.

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