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About Me

Hi, I'm Stella. Having always had issues with eating, even as an infant, it took until 2016 to get an official diagnosis of Eosinophilc Oesophagitis. I trained in hospitality in Brighton, Sussex, UK, and worked in various roles including as a chef for 40 years. Once I got my diagnosis, and a greater understanding of what EoE is, I realised that my job was ultimately threatening my life. In 2021 I finally left the industry I loved, and set up Food Allergy Friends Limited, as a training centre and consultancy to catering, specialising in allergen management. Having been forced to avoid many foods because of the EoE, I have started developing recipes, which are here for you to buy for a nominal fee. This is a work in progress, and there will be many improvements and additions as time goes on. If there is any recipe you would like to see here, please drop me an email,


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